MR.PLAYWOOD 10030 Carousel S

Wood Art - Carousel "S"
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Not everybody has a lot of room for big toys, souvenirs, and collections. That’s why Mr. Playwood has made a decision to create a new range of his favorite models – ‘Small’ models.
They are absolutely similar to their older siblings, have the same design and functionality. But they have smaller weight, take less space, and will look harmoniously both on the Big Boss’s table and in the children’s room.
The Winged Elephant, Unicorn, and other Fabulous Animals have settled on our Magic carousel, which is made in the French style. Carousel is an excellent result of the time spent together for the parents and children. Everyone will be satisfied. A parent will be pleased that he has made such an intricate and amazing toy, and a grateful child will be delighted with his own carousel, which turns and allows him to roll all his toy friends. By the way, we have repeatedly noticed that it is the carousel that provokes its small owner to take up the brush, paint and give freedom to multi-colored children’s creativity.

125 x 125 x 175 mm / 88 pcs
2 Articoli

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